Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Clockwork Orange

I finished Clockwork Orange awhile ago, but haven't gotten around to posting about it yet. I found this book to have a similar temper to Orwell's 1984. One of the things that makes this book a classic is Burgess' use of language. The book is extremely violent, but Burgess uses a slang language based on Russian to deaden the shock of the horrific acts the characters engage in. There are some online dictionaries that will help you translate this slang called Nadsat, but I found that by using context and the repetition of the words, I was able to figure out the meaning of most of the Nadsat words. Shortly into the book, I wasn't at all focused on this new language, and it read just like English slang.

The book carries some heavy implications about where violence in society could take us in the future. What are the consequences of reforming criminals? Must one choose to renounce violence, or can we force reform on them? What are the consequences if someone is forced through conditioning to renounce their former ways?

Tempo Run

Another Tempo Run today. 1.1 mile Warmup, 3 x 1 mile c short break between. 5 minutes Warmdown. Total of 4.6 miles. Splits: 8:12,7:58,8:06. I felt very strong. I think next week I will aim to have splits 8:00-8:05.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Easy 4.2

An easy 4.2 this afternoon on Kelly Drive. 39:44 total time. This felt pretty good, but my legs are definetely tired from the last 2 days' workouts. Tommorrow is a rest day, and I am definetely looking forward to it. My sleep schedule has been totally off. I am working nights and have had trouble sleeping during the day, so I have only been getting 5 to 6 hours per night, to my usual 7-9 hours. I just feel totally exhausted and if I don't catch up soon, I think it will start to show in my running...

Marathon Fever

I have marathon fever. My training for the Caesar Rodney Marathon has included some changes and I feel that my training is much stronger than it used to be. I developed a marathon training plan based on some of these elements. Basically the key workouts at the Speed workout (every other week is a Yasso 800m workout) and the long run. I also plan in 4 days/week of running instead of the 3 I had been doing.

Week Slow Hills Speed X-Train Long
17 40 min 45 min 4 x 800m 30 min 7 20.45
16 40 min 45 min 4 mile TR 30 min 9 21.5 1.051345
15 40 min 45 min 4 x 800m 30 min 11 24.45 1.137209
14 40 min 50 min 4 mile TR 30 min 13 26 1.063395
13 40 min 50 min 6 x 800m 30 min 8 23.45 0.901923
12 40 min 50 min 5 mile TR 30 min 15 29 1.236674
11 40 min 50 min 6 x 800m 30 min 17 32.45 1.118966
10 40 min 50 min 6 mile TR 30 min 10 25 0.770416
9 40 min 50 min 8 x 800m 30 min 19 35.95 1.438
8 40 min 50 min 7 mile TR 30 min 21 37 1.029207
7 40 min 50 min 8 x 800m 30 min 10 26.95 0.728378
6 40 min 50 min 8 mile TR 30 min 23 40 1.48423
5 40 min 50 min 10 x 800m 30 min 14 32.45 0.81125
4 40 min 50 min 8 mile TR 30 min 24 41 1.263482
3 40 min 45 min 10 x 800m 30 min 10 RP 27.95 0.681707
2 40 min 45 min RP 5 mile 30 min 8 RP 21.5 0.769231
1 40 min Rest RP 4 mile 30 min 26.2 34.2 1.590698
800 m done at 3:30-3:35 pace
RP = Race Pace

Now the only other question is which Fall Marathon should I aim for? Chicago has the potential to be a PR. NYC could be amazing, but is not a PR course. And then there is Philadelphia, but I feel like that's a bit boring, as I run here already, although it is a pretty flat course.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Trellis Baby Sweater

Currently I am knitting a baby sweater. The pattern is Trellis from It is done with Rowan All Seasons Cotton that I got discounted on Ebay. Very soft and the cables really pop! Here's what I've done so far. The color is Orkney, a golden-yellow.

Meema's Marsupial Tote

I felted Meema's Marsupial tote today. It shrunk up quite a bit in the washing machine and is much sturdier. Here are the before and after photos :

I put in a pair of jeans to help the felting process. The only thing I wasn't pleased with was how much "fuzz" was on the blue section after felting. A set of scissors took care of a lot of it.


Today I did a Tempo workout. I had low expectations from this workout, as I ran 11 miles yesterday, my legs were tired, and it was seasonably cold today, in contrast to the warm weather we have been having. I was pleasantly suprised. I was aiming for a 10 min Warmup, 8:15 x 3 miles with a break between each mile of a few minutes, and a 5 minute warmdown. My splits were 8:16, 8:12, 8:03. Total miles of about 4.6. Not bad all things considered. I am rejuvanted after a dissapointing week last week. My milage for this week was 25 miles. Last week was 24 miles. Next week the plan is to do 4 workouts.
1. 40 minutes easy (M)
2. 50 minutes Hills (W)
3. Tempo Workout (R)
4. 12 miles easy (F)
Caesar Rodney is getting closer. I am feeling pretty well prepared, but I need to stay motivated in these last few weeks.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Great Track Workout

Completed another great track workout today. Jogged 1.1 miles to Franklin Field, Ran 6 800m with 400m slow (about 3 minutes) in between. Then 1.1 miles home. Here were my splits:


Not bad, my only gripe would be that they are not as consistent as I would like. I felt great though, and it was a great running day, sunny and warm.


Ran 88.6 Miles in January. Not to shabby, and only topped by my milage in peak marathon training. This week was a bit mixed with a horrible hill run on Tues night that I cut short because I was so tired and dragging my feet along. Thurs brought an easy 4.2.