Thursday, May 31, 2007


So I have made significant progress on Not-Your Standard-Issue Sweatshirt. Unfortunately, the sweatshirt will be fun to wear, but I am a little bored knitting it. It has a very basic cable and seed stitch, but my next big project will be a little more challenging and fun the knit. Just one sleeve and the hood left on this one, so I should be done soon.

In other knitting topics, I have added a list of unfinished projects and projects I am thinking of knitting on the right hand side of the blog with links to patterns for those interested. I have that unfortunate afflication that all knitters have that I am eager to start a new project before I finish up my works in progress. It keeps me knitting but also makes finishing anything difficult.

I also found out that someone else I know has a knitting blog. Check out Knitting Along!

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