Sunday, February 19, 2006


Today I did a Tempo workout. I had low expectations from this workout, as I ran 11 miles yesterday, my legs were tired, and it was seasonably cold today, in contrast to the warm weather we have been having. I was pleasantly suprised. I was aiming for a 10 min Warmup, 8:15 x 3 miles with a break between each mile of a few minutes, and a 5 minute warmdown. My splits were 8:16, 8:12, 8:03. Total miles of about 4.6. Not bad all things considered. I am rejuvanted after a dissapointing week last week. My milage for this week was 25 miles. Last week was 24 miles. Next week the plan is to do 4 workouts.
1. 40 minutes easy (M)
2. 50 minutes Hills (W)
3. Tempo Workout (R)
4. 12 miles easy (F)
Caesar Rodney is getting closer. I am feeling pretty well prepared, but I need to stay motivated in these last few weeks.

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