Sunday, February 24, 2008

Yarn Photography (and a sneak peak)

So the days when I have schoolwork to do are the days that I always come up with some crafty project that must be worked on immediately lest the idea leave me forever.

Yesterday, I ordered a brand new lens for my camera. A Nikkon 50mm f 1.8 lens. It hasn't even arrived, and I am already getting excited about using it. It should be great for portraits, low light photography and you guessed it....yarn and knitting photography.

In anticipation of the lens arrival, I was researching tricks for photographing yarn and came across a tutorial for creating a light box. Basically this is box that disperses light to create a softer picture with less harse shadows. You can buy these (for a lot of $$$), but I decided that by making my own the worst that happened was to waste a perfectly good Cardboard box. And perhaps the opportunity to stop using my ugly carpet as a backdrop!

These photos are a few of my first test shots. I need to pick up some poster board to make the box more useful, as right now it is two pieces of paper taped together which does have a seam that is visible with larger objects. In addition, I also will make a reflector of tin foil and a leftover box piece to help get rid of more shadows. Also, the box I made is pretty small, so I might be making a larger one in the near future. It takes all of 20 minutes to make.

I really need to get photoshop, but for now, a little editing in Picasa, and here they are.

You might notice that one of the photos shows a WIP, my Jaywalker socks I am about to turn the heel on the second sock, and with a little train knitting time tommorrow, they should be finished soon!

Once I get my new lens, I will post some more photos to show it off.
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Lolly said...

great results with your light box!

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