Sunday, August 02, 2009

Patchwork tote

This past week, I decided that because I could not find the exact sundresses that I wanted for my upcoming trip to Hawaii this fall, I would make some.

I order to free myself up to work on sundresses (and my sewing machine) this got finished this week.

Pattern: The City Bag by Fabric Central

This lined bag was a project for which all the patchwork squares came pre-cut, allowing me to focus solely on my sewing skills. I sewed when I was younger, but like knitting, never had the patience for it to stick.

By the time I got to the end of the bag, even my top stitching looked even and impressive if I do say so myself. (There are a lot of inside seams that were less than stellar, but luckily they are hidden).

Overall, I am pleased with this project, although I may choose a heavier interfacing next time for a sturdier bag. However, it is a perfect knitting bag!

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Anonymous said...

love the bag, great assortment of colours, and looks as if it would be very useable..not sure if I got that spelt right......