Thursday, August 23, 2007

We're Blocking

Okay, so I am blocking Not Your Standard Issue Sweatshirt (NYSIS). I am not really an experienced blocker, I have done it twice before (one time steam, one time wet). Actually, NYSIS looked pretty good without blocking, but I wanted to add some length to the body. It was just ever so slightly too short for my taste. I know blocking purists would gasp to see that I am blocking after I sewed all the piece together, and a only used a few pins. But I am not a purist, and so here it is in all its glory. If I decide I really love blocking, perhaps someday I will invest in blocking board. But for now, my living room floor with towels and garbage bags to protect the carpet will have to do.

I still can't believe NYSIS is done! I am itching too start my next sweater, but I have some gifts I need to work on first.

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