Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Caterpillar Transformed

Okay, so I think that lace may officially be worth knitting just to block lace. This is an amazing and relatively easy process. Here is my finished (finally!) Branching Out scarf. It is a sad looking thing.

My pre-block dimensions were 58" long and 5" wide.

Then I soaked the scarf in some mild detergent and cold water for about 45 minutes. A thorough rinse followed and I rolled the piece in a towel to remove the excess moisture. Then I used my brand new blocking wires (I am so happy I purchased these...so much easier than string) and inserted them into the edges along all sides. A little stretch in every direction and some blocking pins to hold the wires in place and voila!

Is that the same heap of yarn from the first photo? Ah, blocking lace is amazing! My post-block dimensions are 74" long and 6" wide.

I promise I will post some photos later this week of Branching Out that are not pinned out on my floor. I want to start more lace knitting after seeing how beautiful this turned out.

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SJ said...

I've seen this pattern knit before, but never in such a fine yarn. It's beautiful!

Cristina said...

I just came here from the knitting ring. And i had to leave a comment about your scarf. It is simly bresth taking, i love it. I was thinking of doing it, but never dit it.
Just tell me it looks like you used a very thin yarn, like figering yarn?
Let me say again...Gorgeous :)