Monday, March 03, 2008

Library Addition and a Jacket for My Husband

I received my copy of The Best of Interweave Knits today. So many great patterns!

I may have even found a sweater to knit my husband that he will actually wear: The Cambridge Jacket. I showed it to him today and he said that it wasn't too "sweatery" and that he though the zip up design would be nice. Phew, just when I was feeling bad for being the only knitter to never knit her husband a sweater!

I also love:

Simply Marilyn
Marseilles Pullover
Icarus Shawl
Forest Path Stole
VIP Cardigan

In other knitting patterns, the new MagKnits was up today, and I was sorely disappointed in this months patterns. The new format is also taking me a bit to get used to.
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SJ said...

The Cambridge Jacket is definitely a good man sweater, but I should tell you that the sleeves come out very wide for some reason. Just something to keep in mind -- some men like their sweaters roomy, but apparently my husband is not one of them.