Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back to my usual

So it is official! I passed my nurse practitioner boards last week, and am now getting back to my usual knitting, reading, running self after a bit of a hiatus. Here are a few of the yarns I picked up at Stitches East last month.

I was particularly impressed with WEBS selection and will most likely order from them in the future. Other highlights included a bin of discounted free-for-all yarns and some very interesting stitch markers. There was less than adequate spinning materials, which may have been a blessing. I might have walked out with a wheel had there been any there.

More knitting and yarn postings to come. I am glad to be back.
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SJ said...

Congrats on passing your boards!

Rubinga said...

I've been following your blog for a while. So I'm a complete stranger. But I still wanted to offer a complete and heartfelt congratulations to you for passing your exams!

You earned a well-deserved luxury yarn splurge!

PBnJ said...

Congrats on passing your exams!!

Ohhhh the Pierrot looks particularaly yummy to work with!! Do you have any special plans for it??

Rachel said...

Not sure yet....just couldn't pass it up!