Saturday, February 28, 2009

Resolutions kept and broken

So I continue to buy yarn, despite my resolution to shop from my stash, but this one is for a gift, so in my mind it doesn't really count anyway.

This is Frog Tree Picoboo, a cotton-bamboo mix that comes in a variety of somewhat tradional, but rich versions of baby colors. It is delightfully soft.

I also played around a bit with my light box for this one. This photo is taken with a lamp shining through from above, and the camera flash from in front. If you are interested, see my posting from last year about my homemade version and where to find more info online to make your own.

In other news, I completed my second of six projects on my needles. Snowflake Socks are done, but need a good blocking. I think I am going to break down and buy some sock blockers for these. I am also making steady progress on the Smock Jacket.

Our trip to Italy next week should provide me with ample plane and train knitting and reading time.
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