Monday, March 30, 2009

Tangled Basket

In taking of stock of where I am with finishing the projects on my needles:
a) Secret Gift Project AKA Hemlock Ring Blanket Finished
b) Snowflake Socks Finished (pictures to follow soon)
c) Bell Sleeved Jacket (65% complete)
d) Flower Basket Shawl (45% complete)
e) Baby Mary Janes (10% complete)
f) Smock Jacket (30% complete)

I have been making a serious commitment to FBS over the last few weeks and am up to 275 stitches. Unfortunately when I started the first row of the next repeat I noticed that one of my flower baskets from the previous round was not quite right. Feeling supremely confident in my lace knitting abilities, I decided that instead of ripping out the whole last round back to my lifeline (and then re-knitting all those stitches), surely I could just drop the affected section and knit it back up again on double points, leaving the rest of my perfectly correct flower baskets intact?

Alas, after 5 attempts last night, my malformed flower basket is still in disarray. It was not as easy as it might seem. I finally walked away from it and into the warm comfort of some Twilight reading. Once my mind is rested I will return to the basket and perhaps be able to do what I set out to do. But for now, it is only vampires for me.
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SJ said...

So you've been bitten too, eh? ;-)