Sunday, April 05, 2009


I stayed away from this series for a long time because it was geared toward adolescents. However, after it seemed like everyone I know recommended reading them, I decided to take the plunge and immerse myself in the Twilight saga. I was pleasantly suprised. This was an engaging page-turner that I really enjoyed. Many have compared the series to Harry Potter, and though not as good, they have the same appeal of being a thrill-packed, engaging story that though geared toward a younger crowd, can also be enjoyed by adults.

Before I was halfway through the book I had already bought the remaining 3 books in the series, knowing that there was no chance that once I finished the first that I could stay away from finding out where the series would lead.

I will be adding the movie to my Netflix queue soon. I can't wait to see how they translated this one to the screen.

As the risk of being cliche: I've been bitten.


SJ said...

Glad to hear that you liked the book. I've been trying to convert the other ladies in my knitting group, so my first book is making the rounds. I'm now rereading the other three.

The movie is pretty good, though you'll see that it is a little different from the book. Still very enjoyable, though -- even my husband liked it!

Anonymous said...

I read the first three books, and my liking for it kind of died down... I sort of realized there isn't much of a plot and it's kind of cheesy. Although, I kind of get annoyed when people compare it to Harry Potter. They really don't have anything in common (sparkly vampires and wizards don't really mix :P). I'm a hardcore Harry Potter fan. But either way, they're both good to read while knitting!