Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Wooly Weekend

This weekend I went to Maryland Sheep And Wool. I have wanted to attend for years now, but now that we have moved to Maryland I just have no excuse not to attend! So on Saturday morning, G and I got in the car and headed over. I left M with the hubby, and I have to say I was glad I didn't have the double stroller because some of the barns were pretty crowded. I didn't take many pictures, but here is one of me wearing G and enjoying the nice day. He wasn't so into the yarn, but did like the sheep, so we alternated yarn barns with sheep barns to keep everyone happy.


I was surprised that I actually kept myself in check and didn't buy crazy amounts of yarn. I have so much unused yarn as it is, that it really had to be special for me to pick it up. G tried to convince me that I should pick up spinning. He grabbed some beautiful roving off the shelves. But I told him I just don't have time for any more hobbies right now. Someday, I hope to pick up spinning, but right now is just not the time in my life.


But I did pick up 6 skeins of this lovely yarn (Shepherd's Wool in color Denim) that will likely become a sweater in the future.

And a sock yarn that was too yummy to pass up (Studio Sock by Neighborhood Fiber company)



Overall, it was a great festival, and I will definitely attend again. I might leave the house a little earlier though. At 8:40 am the line from the highway to the Fairgrounds of cars was pretty incredible. But knitters are such nice people that everyone just waited their turn.


And G loved the sheep so much he brought 1 home with him.



When we got home, a pleasant surprise. The yarn I won from Brenda Dayne arrived in the mail. A really pretty Regia Extra Twist Merino to make her Tintern Abbey Socks! So all in all I had a fiber kind of weekend!





SJ said...

I was looking out for you -- sorry I missed you! We arrived at about the same time (and in the same traffic) on Saturday. If you go again next year, we'll have to make a plan to meet up.

Would you believe I think I saw another APhi there? From our chapter? I wasn't completely sure, though, so I didn't say anything because I didn't want to embarrass myself if it wasn't her or if it was and she had no idea who I was. ;-)

Rachel Hausladen said...

I kept my eye out for you too, but there were so many people there! I know of at least 1 other aphi from our chapter who was there but I didn't see her. We should definitely make a plan to meet up for lunch or something next year!