Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Easy Chicken Shredding

Do you have a lot of recipes that involve shredded chicken? I sometimes avoid dishes that call for it because it seems like a lot of work to cook and then hand-shred chicken or use two forks to shred.

Enter a new method that I discovered in my internet travels to shred chicken: I use the dough hook of my KitchenAid mixer! No mess, easy cleanup and fast!

I boil the chicken breasts first for about 10 minutes. Then put them whole into the mixing bowl with dough hook attachment. About 10 minutes on a low speed. Here is the chicken before:

And after:

In this case, my recipe called for some taco seasoning, so after the chicken was shredded, I tossed this in and let the mixer go for a few more minutes, and my seasoning was nicely dispersed:

I am so glad I found this method, as I no longer avoid shredded chicken recipes!


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