Friday, August 08, 2014

Some Light Reading Material

I stopped by for the Wednesday afternoon knitting at my favorite local yarn store, The Black Sheep, this week, to check out their new space that they just moved to and enjoy some knitting time. Sometimes this is the only time I get during the week to knit, although I recently discovered I can now knit with my children in the room when we are watching Sesame Street or Thomas the Train without too much interference. The kids love to steal my measuring tape, and will play with the ball of yarn, but they actually seem to like to snuggle up next to me while I knit, which in my mind is a crafty and mommy win.

While at The Black Sheep, I picked up a new copy of Enchanted Knits, a magazine put out by the same authors that did Jane Austin Knits a few years ago. I love all the whimsical patterns in this magazine. My favorites are Rumpelstitskin's Wrap and the Hunger for Rampion Pullover. Just gorgeous. If only the wrap didn't have so much seed stitch. My hands hurt just thinking about it!

I also picked up this handy little book, Cast On Bind Off. This is a great reference manual for all sorts of different ways to start and end a knitting project. I am always on the hunt for stretchier beginnings and endings, so I am sure this one will be used a lot.

I really like the Black Sheep's new space. The parking is better, the lighting is much better, and all in all, I think I will enjoy spending time there. I do miss the charm of the previous location, but the advantages the new space has outweigh my nostalgia.

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