Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Baby hat frenzie

Here are my two latest editions to the baby hat frenzie.

The first is yet another fruit cap

Pattern: Ann Norling Fruit Cap
Needle size: 8
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic

DSC_0912, originally uploaded by suntheim.

DSC_0911, originally uploaded by suntheim.

The second is a pattern that a friend found in a parenting/pregnancy magazine and asked me to knit.

Pattern: Bunny Beanie
Needle Size: 9
Yarn: Baruffa Maratona & Phildar Kid Mohair for the pink fuzzy inside ear

DSC_1112, originally uploaded by suntheim.

DSC_1114, originally uploaded by suntheim.


Cheaky27 said...

cute! love the bunny hat!
i'm trying to make my niece a cute little earflap hat but making up my own pattern is proving to be difficult... hopefully it will be done by tomorrow though!

Paige Jennifer said...

Adorabllicious. Yah think an adult can pull it off? And by adult, I mean me?

Stumbled across your blog after setting my needles and scrappy scarf in progress to take a break.

Nice spot!