Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stash Building

Here are my recent yarn purchases. If you are thinking it looks like a lot of sock yarn, you'd be correct. For some reason I have been especially drawn to sock yarn lately. I especially love the Koigu in the front with the lavenders, purples and greens. Perhaps this is because these were my wedding colors. Here is a close-up.

There is also som Reynolds Soft Sea Wool in Navy and Cream for some fair isle socks, Regia silk and some Lorna's Laces....

So much yarn, so little time.

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Too Little Time said...

I love sock yarn. Whenever I'm feeling in need its a great little purchase (not like a sweater's worth of yarn). I have heard that we purchase sock yarn stash for the time in our life where funds are less prolific and need to knit from stash - there is always enough yarn for socks! I also finally acquired EZ Baby Surprise Jacket pattern which also takes very little yarn. - :) Karrie