Friday, November 02, 2007

Not feeling well is good for my knitting

Haven't posted in awhile. School is kind of kicking my butt, so I haven't had much knitting time. However, yesterday I was feeling very dizzy and out of it, so I went home sick, and although I did not do much knitting yesterday (I mostly slept), I did pick up my needles today, as I am feeling somewhat better, but not well enough to focus on schoolwork. I doubled the length of Branching Out. Tonight I am hoping to finally finish Bunny Beanie for a baby that was born about a month ago.

I am also a new Auntie (again) to a beautiful baby girl, and have a project on my needles that won't be revealed until later for the new baby. But if you are on Ravelry, you can check my WIPs and see pics of the secret work there.

I also never posted pictures of the finished Not Your Standard Issue Sweatshirt which has been complete for awhile. I am wearing it often, now that the weather finally got cold. So here you go! Knit in Knit Picks Main Line on Size 10.5 Needles. The perfect lounge-around sweater for fall!

Also recently finished is a pair of Fetching Fingerless Mittens made with left over Main Line on Size 6 Double Points. I loved the pair I made for my sister for Christmas last year, that I wanted a pair for myself.


Cheaky27 said...

you're back! yay!
love your sweatshirt. hope to see you on a tuesday soon!

SJ said...

Love your sweater! It looks so nice and cozy!