Tuesday, January 08, 2008

This past weekend my husband and I went to Connecticut to hang out with my family and take advantage of some free massages that were part of the package we got by having out wedding at a Resort and Spa near my parents house...

On Saturday we did some yarn shopping. We went over the the new Connecticut Yarn and Wool Company store. They carry mostly Farmhouse Yarns, which are very pretty, but also a little bright to make a whole sweater or large project from.

From there we went over to Yarns Down Under where mom found a pattern and some Cascade Tweed to make herself a lovely seed stitch sweater in a dark/olive green. I picked up the last skein in the same color to hopefully make my husband a pair of Dashing fingerless gloves. I showed some surprising restraint, spending less than $10.....perhaps the fact that we will be house hunting this weekend has convinced me I am in need of a yarn diet....

I also sneaked in a bit of knitting time while I was up there. I made significant progress on Branching Out and also worked on my Jaywalker Socks.

Being the beginning of the year, I suppose I should verbalize my knitting resolutions/goals for the year:

1. Try fair isle - I already have some yarn and all the tools I need.

2. Finish at least 1 sweater

3. Delve further into lace knitting : I plan to try the flower basket shawl, and have yarn to do at least 1 more shawl (maybe a Niebling)

I can think of a lot of other goals, but because I am in school right now I will leave it at this for now.....

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SJ said...

I'd say those are some pretty good goals!

Just to warn you, though -- fair isle and colorwork in general is extremely addictive, so you may not want to put it down once you start! ;-)