Saturday, May 01, 2010

In preparation for summer....

I have started Lotus Blossom Tank, a pattern from The Best of Interweave Knits: Our Favorite Designs from the First Ten Years .

I am using yarn I bought from my LYS, Slip Knot that I got on sale and couldn't pass up. It is Cliche by Artful Yarns.

I only have 7 skeins of the yarn, and after completing almost 1 repeat, I am a little worried it may not be enough. A Ravelry search for yardage used by other knitters put me at ease a bit, but I am also planning to do the modifications described by Licketyknit, which includes adding lace repeats and length to the stockinette portion.

We will see. I am hoping the switch after Row 9 to smaller needles will eat up less yarn.
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Elise said...

I knit the lotus blossom tank in a cotton yarn in the XS size and it was still too big. I'm sure that I checked my gauge, so it might have been the weight of the yarn in the top...I'm not really sure.

In finishing, I had to pull about an inch of each side into the seam to make it passable. Even then it made a better maternity top than a normal tank top. If I were to reknit this one, I'd do it on smaller needles or modify it to make it even smaller.

Just a heads up that you might want to modify the size (you can pull more in after the lace repeats) before you start looking for other yarn!

Rachel said...

Good info! I have been worrying about this possibility as well. Perhaps I will put the top on a piece of scrap yarn soon so I can try it on before I get too far.