Thursday, August 14, 2014

Continental and the Norwegian Purl

So remember my comments in my last post about wanting to switch to Continental knitting? Well, I realized that I do actually have a project on the needles amenable to a switch partway through. A very basic shawl. Gauge is not so crucial on this shawl, so I figured why not and I changed it up partway through. I quickly learned, though, that purling in the Continental style is a finicky endevour at best.

Enter the Norwegian Purl. In researching the best ways to purl with the yarn in my left hand, I came across this nifty little way of purling that may have just changed my whole knitting world. Purling with the yarn held in back instead of the front? Yes, please. The Norwegian Purl is easier to do and less tricky than a traditional Continental purl. I am already having visions of all the seed stitch projects I am going to do now that I don't have to bring the yarn back and forth between my needles each stitch.

Here is a video from Knitting Traditions demonstrating.

My knitting mind is blown! How has it taken me so long to discover this method?

You can also see my abacus stitch marker and row counter in the photo. Picked this nifty and pretty little tool at Etsy. I actually found many unique stitch markers on Etsy and am enjoying using them much more than the generic ones you can get anywhere. Jewelry for my knitting. And who doesn't love a little jewelry?


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