Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Master Bedroom Progress

When we moved into a new house about a year ago, I was excited to decorate and make the house our own, but I was especially excited to decorate our Master bedroom. I wish I had before pictures, but trust me, the after is much better! (Think about the before as a very country style with quilted valances to match the bed quilt, ancient mini-blinds).
The nice thing about our new home is that although some of the finishes and decorating don't suit my taste, nothing had to be done right away. The home was well taken care of, and we are only the third owners of this home. The kitchen had been redone, and bathrooms are all in good shape. With 8 month-old twins when we moved in, the last thing I wanted to be doing was a huge renovation to start out. I wanted to move in, unpack, get settled, get to know my new home and then start making some changes.
Despite being in my 30s, I have never had what I would call a "grown-up Master bedroom". In our last home, it just didn't seem wise to purchase a furniture set when we were likely to move in the near future and I wasn't sure what the size of the room in our new house would be. So we suffered through hand-me-down and mismatched furniture.
Once we moved, my first furniture purchase was for our bedroom. The furniture and round mirror are all from Ethan Allen's New Country Collection.
I actually liked the color that the previous owners had put on the walls (a very light tan), but there a few spots that need touching up. Unfortunately, although the old owners left us some cans of leftover paint, this room was not one of the rooms that they had extra paint for.
And though most of the electrical outlet socket covers in the house are painted to match the walls (which I am slowly changing over to non-painted ones), this room is not one of them. As much as I HATE those painted electrical outlet covers, when I need a paint match they are the perfect thing to bring to Sherwin Williams to have them match. Small, portable; enduring any fading that the walls have, and easy to obtain without cutting out a piece of the wall.
I have found a color that may be the correct one, but I have to test it and see and then I will go from there. I may have to cut out a small piece of wallboard to make the match and then just repair and paint over.
New bedding was in order (from Restoration Hardware) as our had worn through. Some new artwork that I created at (hint....keep your eye on the website, their coupons rotate almost daily and if you are patient you can get 40% off). What is left is new table lamps, drapes and rods. I took down the valance holders that the old owners had up, as I prefer to have floor length drapes, and roman shades have already replaced the ancient mini-blinds that were there that were not really helping me when I have to sleep during the day when I work night shifts. The Roman shades are light blocking and from Country Curtains.
I have floor length drapes picked out in a blue-gray color called "Spa" and some hardware to install them that I still need to order. I have sconces for the walls (complete with remote control operated flameless candles that I am slightly obsessed with). With new table lamps, a dressing mirror and some accessories and this room will be pretty complete. I will at some point replace closet and interior doors, but that is a project for the future. Similarly, there is hardwood underneath the carpeting in this room, and I may at some point take up the carpet, refinish the floors and put down an area rug instead.
I can't wait to decorate some of the other rooms in this house. Wallpaper stripping, here I come.
I will be sure to post some of the finished product photos.

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