Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Easy Poncho

Done! This pattern is Easy Poncho from the back of the yarn label of Caron Simply Soft. The Caron Simply Soft is Acrylic (eeekkkk!) but is soft and has a nice drap and sheen to it. I bought it a few months ago when Dave was unemployed and my yarn budget was, oh, $0. It is knit using size 13 needles and the crocheted neckline with a size M-N (9mm) crochet hook.

As easy as it is to do, I have decided I hate fringe. Not only do you have to cut all the strands and attach them, then you have to cut them to even them out! What a pain. Looks nice though.

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Laci1 said...

Where can I find this pattern, it's on Ravelry, but can't access pattern