Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanksgiving Knitting

DSC_1224, originally uploaded by suntheim.

Now that I am knee-deep in research project I am missing my Thanksgiving knitting time. Here is a photo of my first real fingering weight sock! It fits so nicely and will actually fit inside my regular shoes!

No, I haven't finished the second sock yet.....and I won't until probably the end of December when I have some time off from school. And since these socks are for me, any free knitting time will be spent working on gifts for new babies.....

We met my cousin's new girlfriend at Thanksgiving, and it was a fun scene when I brought out my sock to work on, and discovered that I had initiated a trend. The other knitters (including the new girlfriend) also pulled out their respective projects and we had a knitting party in the den after dinner.

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Too Little Time said...

What fun to sit and knit with a bunch of other women... talking yarn and projects -- how I envy you! Karrie